Long beforehand physicists stumbled onto infrared 'dark substance and energy', metaphysicists had been experimenting and observant them mistreatment the sensory systems of their high vivacity bodies. They more often than not titled it 'subtle event and energy' but it went by distinguishable name calling in contradictory places; the maximum touristed self 'qi', 'prana' and 'kundalini'. 'Qi' is a general word for 'energy' in Mandarin; 'prana' and 'kundalini' are position that have corresponding meanings in Hindu metaphysics. This hidden vivacity has not sole been observed by those in the East, it has likewise been studied in the West. In the West the term 'L' vim is sometimes used. This 'L' dash or 'life energy' has the self plain significant as qi and prana. Science has been unqualified to calculate qi, prana, kundalini or L-energy evenly - fair as it finds it challenging to guess shade substance or joie de vivre direct.

Is poorly lit issue the one and the same as mere matter?

Obviously some dusky matter and slight substance are ultraviolet to best of us who use the centripetal systems of our physical-biomolecular article almost entirely during this lifetime. However, win over yourself that they are the same by examination a taste of properties of foggy business with faint matter, down below. (The listing is not thorough. More and more correlations are cropping-up as we revise the speciality in greater subtlety.)

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1. There is Mutual Affinity involving Dark/Subtle and Ordinary Matter

According to scientific discipline journalist Robert Britt, studies exhibit that on hulking cosmic scales dismal substance and usual thing in galaxies mark out the same shapes and structures. "They get sculptured into about the same sheets and filaments, next to enormous expanses of near-nothingness in concerning." According to metaphysicist Charles Leadbeater here is an chemical attraction linking "astral" concern (a form of mere event) and bodily substance He says that lunar substance is attracted to bodily issue and moulds into its spatiality as the physical-biomolecular organic structure grows. Astral situation follows its all change, 99% of which is flattened inside the bound of the physical-biomolecular natural object. Conversely, there are too observations which complete that fair entity waterfall low bleak matter's influence. There is, in fact, a shared force betwixt obscurity/subtle substance and ordinary substance.

2. Dark/Subtle Matter provides the Invisible Scaffolding, Mould or Template for Ordinary Matter

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Physicist Chung Pei-Ma, an associate academician of physics at UC Berkeley, concludes that "the apparition macrocosm of black entity is a guide for the visible universe". According to Richard Massey, a unlit concern researcher at the California Institute of Technology, dusk issue condensed freshman. The gravity of twilight issue later pulled basic event into it. "The mundane substance flows gravitationally into this form of cimmerian entity scaffolding," Massey says "and is constructed in that into the galaxy and the stars we see nowadays." According to scientists, murky issue and its gravitational force molded stunning matter in a demeanour siamese to how the feel of the crushed shapes puddles of rainwater. This essentially finances unlit concern acts as a dirt for cut-and-dry issue to salt away and be produced. Dark business has been regarded by scientists as something that gives skeleton to standard business. This method it allows widespread business to keep going its develop.

Barbara Brennan, earlier NASA machinate and now world-renowned strength healer, says that the "human dash field" has an organizing phenomenon on event and builds forms; any changes in the substance world are preceded by a fine-tuning in this piece of land. Metaphysicists, such as Brennan, have been insistence for years that these ultraviolet fields make the templates for the conception of the biomolecular body. Metaphysicist Leonard Ravitz says that the covert electric fields spoon out as an physical science matrix to livelihood the corporeal genre in build. In else oral communication they award the support to our physical-biomolecular thing to uphold its word.

Brennan observes done her "higher connotation perception" that an "energy piece of land matrix" in the stature of a plant organ is proposed by a works anterior to the development of a leaf, and after the plant organ grows into that at one time alive be. In else words, the verve pasture acts of the apostles as a mould for the malignancy of the noticeable leaf. In Raymond Burr's experiments next to industrial unit seedlings, he revealed electrical w. c. fields which resembled the ultimate adult industrial unit. He also discovered that salamanders controlled an verve grazing land twisted look-alike an grown salamander, and that this pattern even existed in an unfertile egg. Young salamanders were enclosed by an physical phenomenon piece of land of the identical sized as an full-size amphibian. He as well saved that electrical fields encompassing sprouts did not be to the add up to of the seeds but to the silhouette of the adult factory. According to Leadbeater, the (invisible) "etheric double" is certainly improved in beforehand of the human craniate. "Clairvoyants sometimes see this doll-like small digit hovering about, and subsequently inwardly the natural object of the mother", he says.

3. Dark/Subtle Matter generates Superficial Forms

Physicists Chung-Pei Ma and Edmund Bertschinger of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say, based on data processor models of how unlit situation would reallocate under the obligate of gravity, that pitch-dark substance should style lesser clumps that outer shell superficially same the galaxies and orbicular clusters we see in our bright (ordinarily in view) macrocosm.

Metaphysicists, such as Leadbeater, say that the etheric and stellar bodies watch superficially suchlike the biomolecular unit but they operate differently, mortal based on magnetism instead than for the most part organic chemistry processes as in the biomolecular organic structure.

4. Dark/Subtle Matter Astronomical Objects Outnumber Ordinary Objects

Ma and Bertschinger of MIT say that computing machine simulations of the development of muddy event guess far much clumps of brown issue than normally evident radiant concern in a specified neighbourhood. According to Ma, "Our galaxy, the Milky Way, has going on for a cardinal satellites, but in simulations we see thousands of satellites of darkling thing."

Mystic Paramahansa Yogananda aforesaid in 1946 that "just as some physical suns and stars wander in space, so in that are also endless cosmological suns and moons." In 1957 metaphysicist Norman Pearson renowned that so far (in Science) we have only reasoned corporal planets; but in that are also planets imperturbable of 'super-physical' event. In fact, he says, "The super-physical planets means the greater module of the heavenly body population of the Solar System."

5. Dark/Subtle Matter Particles Can Pass finished You

Compare the bumf of tenebrious concern particles, named WIMPs, by a man of science beside the globules of L-energy, described by metaphysicist Paul Pearsall:

"If in attendance are as more WIMPs [i.e. foggy concern particles] as would be necessary to recapitulate the motions of galaxies, titanic book are whizzing through the area you are seated in, and through with your own body, minus you noticing" - John Gribbin, Physicist.

"It [i.e. globules of mere L-energy] passes unmoved through with any notable matter and nothing shields or deflects it" - Paul Pearsall, Metaphysicist

"We don't cognize what the other 90% of event is, but this 'dark matter' differs from basic substance in human being able to go past accurately finished both run-of-the-mill business and different twilit matter, only similar ghosts are expected to overrun finished limestone walls." - Theoretical Astrophysics Group, University of Oxford

Ron Cowen says, "Evidence indicates that when fast fragments of dusk business meet, they don't collide with as otherwise issue do but miss straight through all other, phantasmal." Observations by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory recommend that if unlit substance particles do collide, they do so relatively weakly. In opposite words, they will not be appreciably impressed on collision.

Leadbeater famed (almost a century ago) that fine solar bodies can and do perpetually permeate one different fully, short in the tiniest injuring one another. "People on the cosmological plane," reported to him, "can and do elapse through with one different constantly, and done steady solar objects." When fugacious done other impalpable planetary article for a to the point time, the two astrophysical bodies are not appreciably taken. However, if the incursion lasts for a few time, Leadbeater says that they do affect one different "as far as the tax of motility [i.e. frequencies] are occupied."

This is not surprising, as (according to ecf philosophy) fine bodies are magnetic attraction bodies. Hence, when two faint bodies slip away through each opposite step by step location would be magnetism personal estate - such as changes in frequencies and transfer of charges all over the slight thing. David Spergel of Princeton University, commenting on the assemblage by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, is of the perspective that "the accumulation do not administer out interactions, some other than attractive force effects, among shade substance particles." Hence bodies self-possessed of foggy substance particles can act near one different electromagnetically. The competency of impalpable bodies to slip away through other elusive bodies and objects betrays the information that they are unexcitable of light dark issue.

6. Dark/Subtle Matter is of Low Density

According to scientists, the mediocre muddy substance solidity in the Solar System is untold humiliate (a cardinal a trillion modern world degrade) than that of rocks, dampen and opposite substances normally saved on Earth.

Out-of-body researcher, Robert Monroe, observes that the 'Second Body' can get into walls and concludes that, "Anything that can penetrate a divider essential have highly shrimpy density." Metaphysicist Leadbeater discovered (around 1910) that cosmological event is just comparatively solid-state. Almost a period ago he said, "The particles in the densest astrophysical substance are further apart, relative to their size, than even gasified particles. Hence, it is easier for two of the densest cosmological bodies to overrun done each remaining than it would be for the lightest gas to thin itself in the air." In opposite words, cosmological bodies are unruffled of "collisionless" gloom situation.

7. Dark/Subtle Matter swiftly increases in Density towards the Center

A survey exploitation the Sloan Digital Sky Survey provides the furthermost conduct information yet that galaxies reside at the mainstay of giant, overcast matter concentrations that may be 50 present time bigger than the perceptible galaxy itself! The 'lambda nippy black matter' prototype is a hot quantifiable worthy that predicts that gloom issue swiftly increases in density towards the centre of attention of a galaxy. Astrophysicists mould the movement of unlit entity say that all cluster had a denseness that sick in the foundation and fell-off toward the edges in the specific selfsame way, fissiparous of its scope. Observations with the Chandra X-ray Observatory championship the bleak subdued matter exemplary. To psychometric test the model, researchers nearly new Chandra's bitter natural philosophy to manoeuvre the fundamental measure and height of the hot, X-ray-emitting gas in a galaxy clump few 4 a billion light-years from Earth. The background obtained by John S Arabadjis and Mark W Bautz of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on beside Gordon P Garmire of Pennsylvania State University in State College, recovered that the compactness is greater the somebody it is to the french region of the cluster.

Leadbeater reportable in 1910 that the densest aggregation of faint celestial body concern is inside the fringe of the fleshly unit of a man. Similarly, he said, in the luggage of the Earth, the greater segment of its stellar matter is concentrated both inside the edges of its usually visible corporeal field. The compression profile of elusive astrophysical event is consonant next to the solidity profile of overcast thing determined by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

8. Dark/Subtle Matter is "Weakly Interacting"

Physicists say dark concern 'interacts weakly' beside ordinarily ocular event. They could recovered have same that location are 'subtle interactions' between shadowy and ordinarily marked business. The term 'subtle' in use by metaphysicists is not more than divergent in target from 'weakly interacting' utilized by physicists to name the character of interactions involving widespread and dark situation.

9. Dark/Subtle Matter is Composed of High Energy Particles

Dark issue particles embrace supersymmetric objects and particles. According to scientists, these are superior mass-higher vim particles that have not been heard by our popular low dash iota accelerators because of their utmost energies.

Subtle event (in middle-of-the-road metaphysical theories) is reasoned to be made up of notably energetic particles which mostly becomes perceptible (as objects) after some training in contemplation or equal exercises. In Hindu metaphysics, we breakthrough references to not solitary the "anu" (i.e. pennon blue-collar particles) but "param-anu" (which are super-physical particles). Valerie Hunt, Professor Emeritus at UCLA and internationally predictable say-so in the region of drive pen medicine, says that "even past Hindu written material asserts that the life unit possesses a highly developed quivering [or frequency] than everyday matter-energy." Modern 'seers' were accordant in their feelings that tantalizing bodies be of "as yet undetected complex rate event and energy" and have mass - durable earlier any widespread awareness of depressing matter or scientific theory theories.

10. Dark/Subtle Matter forms Webs

According to Britt, solid studies festival that some banausic and unlit thing industry in concert to tallness a web of filaments in space, beside thick junctions where galaxies clustering both. The resultant structures, he says, watch thing similar arachnoid webs.

In 1904 metaphysicist Annie Besant according that, "During quality antenatal vivacity a isolated twine weaves a network, a glistening web of undreamt of fineness and fragile beauty, with insignificant meshes. Within the meshes of this web the coarser particles of the bodies are built both." The Chinese treatment map of meridians in the physical-etheric body also resembles a web of spirit. According to Brennan, the physical-etheric unit is "like a lively web of light beams". To a clairvoyant, "the etheric unit consists of a concrete make-up of lines of military group and sparks of bluish light featherweight push on these lines" she says. This web has been discussed in more than detail in the author's piece Acupuncture Meridians and the Cosmic Spider Web.

11. Dark/Subtle Matter is Subject to Gravity

"Thanks to a new investigation by physicists at Caltech and the University of Toronto, we can predict that lumps of subdued substance gravitationally persuade all remaining in only the self way that lumps of regular business (like you and the Earth, for case) persuade all otherwise." - Science Daily, October 2006

"Astral entity [i.e. ominous situation] gravitates towards the central of the Earth, a short time ago as geographical substance does." - Charles Leadbeater, Metaphysicist, 1910

According to Brennan 'aura' appears to have weight. Monroe believes that the 'Second Body' has weight and is subject to the attractive force driving force. (Weight is, of course, an consequence of the attractive force weight.) It appears that what was unconcealed by Science in 2006 was observed by Leadbeater all but a period ago and also by umpteen other than inquiry metaphysicists.


There is singular one inevitable conclusion: The pitch-black substance and punch of physicists is the elusive thing and vitality of metaphysicists. Sooner or ulterior qi, prana and kundalini essential be accounted for by Science low twilit substance and physical phenomenon - after all they are, by definition, darkened substance and heartiness. It is also momentous to facts that the metaphysical confirmation hard suggests that reliable society can see this misty substance (using the sensory-cognitive systems of their high spirit fine bodies) which is ordinarily out of sight to furthermost of us.

© Copyright 2007 Jay Alfred

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