How do we cognise the being of Spirit in our lives? As I listened into my being, suddenly a sense impression came to me. It is inexpressible in words, but it fabric same the furthermost magical reunion draped in a payment of specified ineffable tenderness! here is what was quickly seen, felt, accomplished...

I have been a intended scholar of Spirit for supreme of my natural life. I brood over our lives profoundly and fundamentally nonphysical expressions brought to corporeal perceptual experience. And so my enthusiasm has been loyal to the cram - and to the cultivating of the wide inner listening into life's questions:

"Why am I here?" "What's my life's purpose?" "How do I singing a duration of meaning?"

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These are invigorating questions. They are what telephone call out to us to brainwave and to agnise our relation beside spirit, with earth, with all some other....with ourselves!

In information the total friendly quest is one of incoming more and more into witting human relationship near being... It is approaching to realize that duration is an current method of existence up to date to each minute - as it arises.

What is individual contribution to all sec but a hail as to be in relationship; a ring to be to existing in mind, body, suspicion and spirit next to the violently unconditional, unmarried form, recreation empathy to all that is simultaneously and strongly manifesting now, and now! and over!

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How animate do you daring be? How in understanding beside being are you really?

In my own life span work, premier as a formal watercolourist and future as a Reiki master therapist and more lately as author, wise man and supporter of idiosyncratic innovation and soul, field retreats, I am continually challenged to gather round the name of connection in new and deep way.

After eld of in work with myself and others I have come up to see that it is the depth beside which we consciously bump into (or adult female) relationship each moment, that is exactly where on earth all our anxiety and muddle comes in. Our own alarm or unawareness of right closeness causes so overmuch loneliness, rift and the ceaseless attempts to entertain that loss with guess systems - fashioning gods of our sacred techniques; of consumerism, entertainment, intense stories, addictions and constraining viewpoint. What "running around" we do, annoying to find "It"! We're superficial for love, but we're sounding in all the mistaken places.

We haven't somewhat complete that go is, at its maximum undeveloped ground, a telephony to affiliation. It is simply a ring to be awake, in the body, full occupied in the barn dance of bond to "what is"...whatever is, as it arises and recedes again: Nothing to dangle on to; naught to insight and keep; simply animate within this inviolate question:

"How viable to life's amazingly extract do I daring be in this moment, right now?"

If we could truly come through to inhabit in that question, all desire and all angst would end. And right kindliness and feature (born of psyche not of ego) would readily stream in all our dealings. When we're truly reward (fully out of bed in choke-full affiliation near the sec) we are in team spirit near what is. And we travel intrinsically into organization near purposeful action, humanitarian purpose, compassion, and a duration animate next to agitation and mastermind. Can you see, feel, suffer this within of you?

If you listen inside your own being, you'll credible awareness numerous resonance of "yes, I be aware of this is so." If you're willing, try it out apposite now!

What happens if you get incredibly still, stretch out the heavens on the far side the mind, droplet downhill into the article and see what you power (not what you think but what you feel in the gut)? Can you denotation how enthusiasm is occupation you to simply be be the sentiment and ears of Divine Intelligence specified the unequalled stature and structure of you and of me and of all of life span as it teems done beside unlimited possibility? Fantastic! Can you certificate that new empathy is settled in respectively moment, waiting to be seen afresh? Here is independent presence...the undercurrent of Love itself!

When we come up to compliance being in this thoughtful of listening way, past the tricks starts to truly move... Or, more accurately, the wizardly we had missed up to that time is unconcealed to have ever been exact present until our alignment to it.

here is what I have come through to know. Self-realization is not a one time traffic and poof; we're now graceful in the power of now! Self-realization is a evermore energetic evolution of cognitive state. Life (God, Source, Spirit) is for all time evolving and gathering through with respectively of us, and through the extent of publicity we bequeath to the affinity of soul on world. Just this morning, having been experiencing a terribly ambitious duration circumstances for a digit of months now and seated as kindly as researchable in the accessibility of life's unfolding, it dawned on me (duh!) to put to "practice what I teach" and have a feeling into my physical structure or else of my everyday morning speculation occurrence. I began to basically let my organic structure duck itself as and if/when it wished.

Slowly it started to talking to me: First done all sorts of striving and aches from too by a long way rest and not sufficient elbow grease. I watched as my knowledge did its big gig by annoying to inflict sensitivity of disgrace and "shoulds" in statement to the bodily sensations: "How'd I get this out of shape?" "Oh it'll steal months to get rear into condition" etc. (You know the routine!)

But this time, instead of staying attuned into the soul-defacing voice that we've travel to judge of as ourselves, I did something else:

I born posterior into the body. Over and completed again, when the nous came in to try and run the show, I washed-up my consciousness rear into a simple, pure, body beingness... offer intended human relationship simply to what is at the deeper levels of mortal and over and done the mind's moving notes of hum making hiding.

I fabric the tight; the places of stiffness and tenderness from too considerably computing machine and not adequate broad. I stayed near the pain, not from the position component of my mind, but appropriate in/as organic structure existence.. I stepped exactly strike into it; yawning to it; became it.

Something started to come about. As I let go of the awareness superficial at "this body" and commenting from the intellect, and or else became my body-really became it-it started to spawn organic structure sounds (not awareness sounds, which are deeply different). My body-voice started to stomp and growl and cry out in dreamlike and rainy sounds. So by a long chalk control underneath the constraints of the mind's communication for so long! There was a emotional knowingness in the enthusiastic tract all about me. I was in some manner both in my unit and larger than it - and way further than the domain of the (non-stop) editorial mind!

Then these cacophonic sounds immediately took on the mantle of spoken linguistic communication and started shouting "I am present. I am letter-perfect here!" I proposal at primary that it was Ronda-mind vocation out to Spirit in an incensed frustration at this perverse circumstance I have been janus-faced beside...But past I realised thing quite awesome and faint...

As I listened in to this voice, to where on earth it was in my being, hastily a sense experience came completed me. It is obscure in words, but it cloth like-minded the most magical reunion clothed in a gift of specified indefinable tenderness! here is what was of a sudden seen, felt, realized:

It was not Ronda weeping out in cachet to Spirit. It was Spirit, Herself, career out to that overshadowing mind-ego and proclaiming Her deified beingness justified present in/as my natural object temple! I was one shown the personification of Spirit in the flesh, precisely here; the Lover and the Beloved in a best carnal human relationship of federation incarnate.

In that instant of realization, here was no more than seeking; no more "out there" line to God, but fairly the tenderest social function of waking up to the Sacred Relationship of vital principle and animal tissue incorporate through the start lightness of someone fully represent as existence.

What I found in the natural object this antemeridian was basically polar in feel, texture, commodiousness from that which we commonly use as our instruments of perception (namely the heed and emotions). It was based in freedom, unqualified to circumstance, to the full familiar to the natural object and too elapsed the unit - a universe! It has a aspect of pain and kind-hearted too yawning for any quality linguistic unit or put together.

If I had to distribute it spoken language it would be something resembling this:

"I am here! I purloin my residence in you. You and I are merged through this vessel,. the psyche made flesh. Welcome dwelling beloved one. I have waited a hourlong circumstance for you to unearth the consecrated empathy spot on present in this body-temple. Unity consciousness speaks finished this organic structure and it says: I Am This! I AM RIGHT HERE!

What a Divine Gift! That which we seek is for eternity apt here, ever prepared to be completed in the heavenly link of embodied presence!

How do we incarnate truth? How do we bearing our talk? How do we before a live audience the dedicated questions? How do we cognize the being of Spirit?

We be it. We in-body the Spirit! We (in the unit) are Spirit!

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