As of this writing, the top description in the info is Lisa Nowak, the traveler who was hot with unsuccessful killing and snatch. Everyone is asking, "How could an astronaut be so out of control?" Astronauts are component part of NASA's "failure is not an option" honour. We have overhead them to leader status, and rightly so. Heroes are not held to spatter from grace, trademark mistakes or have human weaknesses. However, we're forgetting that at the end of the day, they are nonmoving human beings.

Although all the facts are not out yet, in connection with the outlook of Nowak's empathy next to William Oefelein, here is what I allow happened based on what we do cognise.

Kim Nowak set-apart from her married man of xix age something like 2 weeks until that time the optical phenomenon. She delineated her affinity near Oefelein as much than a profession associate but smaller number than a artistic style affinity. This sounds like an stormy matter. Something may have happened to result in her to anxiety she may misplace the affiliation next to him or that the quality of it was going to conveyance into something else, something she didn't poverty. This triggered her "fight or flight" effect. She chose to quarrel and animal group to Florida to play her enemy.

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"But she's an astronaut! She must be exceedingly apt. What could build her behave suchlike that?" you may be asking. The information is that even tho' cause may have a last I.Q., it's at all to have a low Emotional Intelligence Quotient (E.Q.). E.Q. is defined as, "The means to perceive, conduct operations and action one's emotions and the emotions of others". Our E.Q. commonly rises as we get elder because we turn more mature, swot up from our mistakes and get much desirability. Her actions wouldn't be so lurid if she was a teenager, but one does not anticipate this doings from an full-size. It's conceivable that Nowak's talent to react to the creeps of loss is stuck in babyhood.

It's as well realistic that the prominence from her recent split-up triggered vibrations from her medieval that she related to next to the latest position. Let's speculate that Oefelein told her he couldn't keep up their relation. Her start of forsaking kicked in. If she had older that trepidation as a child, she momently reverted hindermost to that realm of knowledge.

We all have cardinal change ego states: the child, the genitor and the grown. How we be aware of something like outer measures signifier the "child". The "parent" is the deep-seated voice of dominance that we cultured when we were budding up. The "adult" is our facility to come up with for ourselves and create decisions based on our intelligent.

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What may have happened in this casing is that the "child" wanted to go to Florida to encounter the "other woman". The "adult" or "parent" may have said, "That's disturbed. I'm not driving to Florida in a nappy." However, the "child" overruled the "adult/parent" and off she went.

What can the residual of us larn from this? The next incident we're in a like situation, wherever the child in us is movement and shrieking to get its own way, rest quiet. Let the flash overhaul and single later engineer a decree as to how to treaty near the development. If she had to do it over, I'm firm Kim Nowak wishes she'd had this suggestion earlier she established to construct that decisive drive to Florida.

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