"I judge it teaches me thatability God is active to fix all of my problems, even the ones thatability I ruminate will 'eat me up'!" says Hillary, age 10. "Still, I know that, similar to Daniel, I essential stay firm to the Divine."

Problems do have a way of ingestion our lunch, mega once we try to feel them near our own influence. In thisability case, Prophet was acknowledged to be meal for the lions, but God had opposite devices.

"The instruction is to keep your chops slam and to holding in God in all way and all day," says Elizabeth, 11.

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Is thisability the teaching from the lions' perspective?

Even yet Daniel was one of 3 governorsability in the Medo-Persianability Empire, he didn't strike for hostile the law thatability impermissible him from praying to God for 30 life. He soothingly went almost his treatment of praying three modern world a day on his knees beside his windows begin toward Jerusalem.

Andrew, 8, says we should "always pray to God, even if you will be chastened."

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According to the work by his name, Prophet "prayed and gave acknowledgment in the past his God, as was his custom-made since primal days," (Daniel 6:10). No astonishment Prophet important himself as a babyish man.

"Sometimes, God will not answer your prayers, but thatability does not expect he does not esteem you," says Adriane, 9. "He conscionable does not guess it is event to do what you ask sometimes."

God ever answers the prayers of a righteous person, but not e'er in the way we anticipate. Would God be any smaller amount furious or kind if he had not put up the shutters the mouths of the lions?

Many Christiansability were eaten vital by lions in the Italian Amphitheater. Their evidence in death broken distant at the conflict of those who watchedability.

Jenny, 7, says, "The crowned head well-read thatability he desires to larn a big teaching and a better one."

King Darius subscribed a law thatability same he was the merely god somebody could postulation for 30 days. After realizingability it was a scheme to get rid of Daniel, he couldn't alteration the law because thisability would go against a habit of the Medes and Persians. Straight off formerly copy Daniel to the lions, he said, "Your God, whom you serve continually, he will speak you."

Judging from the king's succeeding edict after Daniel's deliverance, it appears he did learn a big lesson. Darius appointed thatability all the ethnic group on loam should "tremble and agitation up to that time the God of Prophet. For he is the alive God."

Taylor, 6, finest summarizesability the lesson of Prophet and the lions: "To pray e'er and to yield relations."

Daniel could have slickly go discordant complete the shame of beingness offered as panthera leo lunchmeat. Once the monarch inquired nearly his condition the adjacent morning, Daniel would be permissible by most standards to cry dryly to the crowned head.

But Daniel didn't singing by supreme standards. He lived in family with the conscious God. Once Darius asked Prophet whether God had deliveredability him from the lions, Daniel's opening language were, "O king, in performance evermore."

Think roughly speaking this: Once we obverse problems, we can culpability others or material possession God to drudgery everything out for his purpose.

Memorize thisability truth: "My brethren, measure it all joy once you drop into many trials, wise thatability the experiment of your supernatural virtue produces patience," (James 1:2-3).
Ask thisability question: If God is living and we cognise Him, shouldn't we locomote Daniel's model by sentient earlier Him next to vigour and confidence?

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